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“Creativity is God’s gift to us. It’s in our DNA to a greater or lesser degree. I like art that is symbolic, full of passion that reaches out with meaning and connects with my spirit. I have three of Judy’s paintings. Two hang in my home and are a constant source of inspiration. The third I’m donating to the church because the imagery is so large and vital it requires a bigger space to be presented. Judy is amazing in the way that she allows the Lord to push through her spirit. She worships as she paints and the results are dramatic and anointed. I am honored to recommend her work”.

Graham Cooke

"Her art touches the heart of God and opens a path of healing to the heart of man."

Simon Bull

"Judy is a worshiper, and her paintings truly describe what happens when she worships the Lord. Her paintings carry both simplicity & depth, which make room for the Lord to come and reveal His secrets." Catia Santos Pastor Full Redemtion Ministries San Paulo Brazil

Catia Santos

"Judy is one of the premier prophetic painters in the world. Her paintings take you right into the heart of the father as she is always so in tune to what Heaven is saying. She has always been a forerunner in life, and she has also been a forerunner in the area of painting, leading the way for generations to come. It is my honor recommend her and her paintings to you. I have three of her prophetic paintings hanging on the wall of my living room."Chris Ritchie Worship Pastor & FilmmakerThe Encounter Community Church, Las Vegas

Chris Ritchie

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