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Breakthrough Art Ministry

In Genesis 1:1 the first thing that we learn about the nature of God is that He created. He has never stopped creating. His creation tells us about himself. We are made in the image of God. It is in our spiritual DNA to create. Our creations can reveal Him as well.

God loves art. He filled his temple with it. It was put there to reveal something about him.The great cathedrals with their stained glass windows and murals painted by the masters were for the purpose of telling the story of God’s nature and His dealings with men. The general population could not read and if they could did not have access to scripture; therefore it was portrayed in art form for them to see every time they came to church.The eye gate is a powerful entry and educator for our mind and soul. If not, why are millions spent on TV commercials of only seconds in duration. Our society is simulated with excess and extreme visuals that are at the best simply soulish, and at the worst, well we’ve seen way to much of the worst and are scrambling for ways to keep it out of sight from our children.Where is the church’s response today in all of this? The church once led the way in fine art. Now it is trying to play catch-up.Too long art was delegated to Sunday school illustrations and was though of as not relative to the overall message and ministry of the church. While the church as a whole has placed little value on art the enemy rushed in to exploit this powerful tool.I am excited and encouraged to see so many just in the past few years take up this tool and use it mightily for the Kingdom of God. Of just those I’ve been able to teach and encourage I am amazed at how fast and far the Holy Spirit has taken them. This is so exciting to see this increase so rapidly. God’s touch is on this and it is making in roads where other forms of ministry are refused. I don’t have the time or space to share how the pictures hanging on the walls of my downtown art gallery opened the hearts of people. I’ve been able to minister to New Agers, street people, Gothic’s, witches, a woman who was pornography promoter, and this is just a few I never would have been able to reach outside of the arts.The Lord now has me on a different venture. I am reaching others who like me who “had it in them” but didn’t know there was such a thing as prophetic art or how to begin. Prophetic painting is simply expressing the flow and feelings of the presence of God through canvas and paint. Not different than a musician composing a new song or a writer being inspired to write. I teach art classes for those who desire to step into this expression. I am also available to speak and or demonstrate this revived medium of ministry. This is not performance art, it is message art. “The testimony of Jesus is the sprit of prophecy” (For more information about having Judy come and release prophetic art in your area contact her at

"Judy is amazing in the way that she allows the Lord to push through her spirit. She worships as she paints and the results are dramatic and anointed. I am honored to recommend her work”.- Graham Cooke

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