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REGISTRATION INFORMATION FOR ALL CLASSES: Email Judy @ you will be emailed the registration, please copy and mail in with your deposit.
The information is on the registration form. After receiving your registration and deposit your will be emailed a supply list.
The classes are limited in size and fills up fast.
All classes are in acrylics Contact Judy if your church has a
group that wants to come for a diffrent rate Judy’s classes are packed with information and exploration. It is fast, fun and challenging!!
The class topics include:
  • What is Prophetic Art Where is art in the scriptures
  • What is it’s roll in the church
  • How do I get started
  • Not all art is prophetic
  • Worship art
  • Inspirational art
  • Illustrative Performance art
  • No risk-no art
  • Going where I’ve never gone
  • What is going on here?
  • How did this happen?
Judy Ross has been pursuing the expression of prophetic art for over ten years. She travels to speak and teach prophetic art at conferences. Judy has refined her class sessions over the past several years to bring balance between instruction and hands-on painting. Her current class format maximizes the learned experience for both beginning and advanced students alike.
Judy has operated in the prophetic for 30 years the over flow into art was astounding. She gathered four other prophetic artists and ran an art gallery in the Gaslamp quarters of San Diego.
Judy is called to paint at prophetic conferences and events with speakers like Jill Austin, Chuck Pierce, Lou Engle, Heidi Baker, Graham Cooke and many more.
Judy taught a workshop in Brazil in early 2008, and the hosting church now has four artists painting in their weekly service.




"Judy is one of the premier prophetic painters in the world. Her paintings take you right into the heart of the father as she is always so in tune to what Heaven is saying. She has always been a forerunner in life, and she has also been a forerunner in the area of painting, leading the way for generations to come. It is my honor recommend her and her paintings to you. I have three of her prophetic paintings hanging on the wall of my living room.


"Chris RitchieWorship Pastor & FilmmakerThe Encounter Community Church, Las Vegas

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